How to validate your startup idea quickly

Most new products are unable to get any traction in the market, even if the execution is good. This often comes as a big surprise to the founders. They are surprised because they’ve “vetted” their idea before building, typically by asking their friends and family, many of whom have enthusiastically said they’d use or pay for such a product if it existed.

What gives? The reality is that there’s a large difference between what people say they’ll do and what they actually do. So, simply posing a hypothetical question (would you use X if it existed?) to people is not good enough. User surveys like these might tell you that a problem exists, but it won’t validate that you have the right solution. To validate your idea you need real market feedback. And ideally, you need a quick way to get this market feedback without spending a ton of time and energy. Because, why spend months building something that you don’t even know if the market wants?

Luckily, there’s techniques that can be used to get real market feedback in days instead of months! I’d like to describe an idea validation playbook I learnt from reading the book The Right It by Alberto Savoia and by working on brand new apps myself. Once you’ve followed this playbook you’ll know if your idea is worth building or if you’re better off moving to your next idea.

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