How Remote Work Could Destroy Silicon Valley

A must use word in your entrepreneur dictionary should be “serendipity”, the fortuite art (or in some cases not so fortuite) of finding or bumping into things that you are not looking for.

By the time, we are all wondering where the pandemic situation will lead us speaking about working ways. Either remote work will dominate our lives or when the new normal is finally gone we will go back to the office and gather with our teammates. It can also happen a mix of both but only the future will decide what we will do and, in Silicon Valley, they are really looking forward to getting the answer to this mystery. 

As some of you may know, Silicon Valley is known for these serendipitous encounters that had the power to fuse brilliant minds such as Zuckerberg and Sean Parker with Peter Thiel, or the same Peter Thiel with Max Levchin, but what would happen if society fully embraces remote working? As many preachers would say, this could be the beginning of the decline of the epicenter of tech. Some of the big companies such as Facebook and Twitter have already announced that they are expecting up to half their employees will be permanently remote. This means that Silicon Valley would no longer be a place where a high density of entrepreneurs and capital with beliefs in unthinkable ideas can bump with each other. 

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