Camels, Not Unicorns, Are The New Darlings of Silicon Valley

For those who don’t know, in business, camel and unicorn, are both words describing companies. A camel has evolved for consistency and reliability, even in harsh conditions. While a unicorn, as you can imagine, is used to indicate any privately held company worth more than a billion dollars. Because of how rare it is to find one.

Both cases have their advantages and disadvantages. COVID-19 has challenged the unicorn type as many of them have lost tremendously. While on the other side we see the camels, still fighting and surviving against it. These last ones focus less on growth. They completely aim to build a profitable, reliable core before chasing new ideas. Uber can be one of the examples of how the camel type should have been utilized. 

In this article written by Sam Westreich, you will be able to evaluate which posture you would like to take in your company. Or in which one you would prefer investing. 

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