Ukrainian Developer Built a $19.3 Billion App — Because Silicon Valley Was Too Ignorant to Do It

We always try to achieve perfection. We often believe that complex is the way to go, but sometimes it’s not. When everyone is looking right, you may want to sneak a peek on the left. This is what Jan Koum did.

When the iPhone was launched in 2007, nobody in Silicon Valley wanted to build Android apps for the Indian market. But, numbers were better on the Android side. Only 68 million Americans use Whatsapp, a tiny bit compared to it’s 1.6 billion user base. That’s because outside of the U.S. most people do not own an iPhone. Koum outplayed most of the other Silicon Valley projects due to his management of business. He focused all of his energy on growth, not on revenue, and he was doing Service Marketing back in the time. By this, we refer to relying on customer feedback, not on the opinions of his friends.

WhatsApp was a massive revolution in the messaging industry, and it only had 55 employees when it was acquired for $19 billion. His ability and vision to capitalize the business that was refused in Silicon Valley lead to an enormous company. There are some reasons why Koumu was able to achieve this.

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