A Framework for Understanding Customer Love

Customer love for products is something that you really need to be focusing on. Mostly if you are an early stage startup, and you are looking forward to implementing metrics that assess whether or not your product is working. 

These metrics are critical to understand what customer love is, and why it is so worthy of attention. To put it in words, customer love is important to build a strong brand from scratch. Is the way to combine the revenue and growth, the “pain-killing” power of the product, the organic referrals, and the retention. All of these metrics, which are easier to measure in early stages, are game changers along the way. Given an example of word-of-mouth which is one of the keys of organic referrals.

Customer love is something that venture capitalists are going to be looking for and paying extra attention to. If you can get used to implementing these metrics and improving the results, the work will pay off.

Ha Nguyen, a venture capitalist, explains to us why it is that these metrics are key. 

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