Where AI Meets Pharma

As we mentioned before AI is taking over. It’s astonishing how huge are the changes and the progression made by artificial technology. 

AI companies are now set to make and re-create the Pharma industry plus some of the big Pharma companies have already been collaborating or acquired AI technologies. Adding to this that now big industries are fusing in order to create alliances. We are talking about Technology and Pharma. Amazing partnerships such as Sanofi and Google, or Microsoft and Novartis have happened, and many more are coming. These major pharma companies are participating in important projects known as:

  • The ATOM Consortium (Accelerating Therapeutics for opportunities in Medicine).
  • The MELLODDY project (Machine Learning Ledger Orchestration for drug discovery).
  • The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH).
  • The MLDPS Consortium (Machine Learning for Pharmaceutical Discovery and Synthesis).

The idea is to develop new ways of solving problems and to add up big data too. AI and Machine Learning have already transformed the pace and scale of drug discovery. As in every single aspect of business, the potential growth and effectiveness to transform Pharma R&D and Commercialization depends on its pace and scale of adoption of AI and big data. Sigalit Klimovsky explains all of this and more.

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