Think your startup idea will work? Run a premortem for the best chance at success

To give context, premortem analysis is a technique which purpose is to identify vulnerabilities in the plan. A premortem analysis is a forward looking process rather than the backward looking process of a postmortem.

Within startups premortem is something some big players recommend to always implement. This is because without anticipating problems, and encouraging your team to do the same, you open yourself up to astonishing surprises. This amazing technique will help your team’s imagination. Opening up and being able to bring solutions to their project which have failed before it started. The team will brainstorm all of the possible potential reasons that the project could fail. 

The method has an interesting step by step. Andreas Limberopoulos, the writer, explains perfectly the way this can be done. This can be your opportunity to embrace premortem in order to keep your startup prepared for everything.

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