“Powered by” – An Acquisition Channel Nobody is Talking About

“Powered by” marketing is a great way to impulse yourself above the competitors. This is because you must pay attention to your competition. They will also pay massive attention to you.

This “powered by” marketing reinforces the fact that competitors copy each other. If business A is using a certain tool, and B is their competitor, B will notice that and take a look. If competitor B determines that the tool gives A a certain competitive “edge”, they’ll most likely start using it for themselves as well. Every now and then they release a new feature, and smaller competitors are quick to copy it to their sites, without taking into considering whether that feature really makes sense for their site. “Powered by” marketing is no exception. If smaller guys see that you “power by” the big guys in their markets, they are far more likely to follow suit.

Small guys in an industry want to copy the big guys (often mindlessly). Now, you’re probably saying: This “powered by” strategy isn’t suitable for every niche. But as hard as it may be, there is always a way.

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