Why Startups Need To Follow the Money, Not the Model

Sometimes following strategies and concepts that have been already successful will not grant you success. Actually, according to Joe Propcopio, hardly ever.

There are some ways to solve this. One is to innovate, if you do something completely different, you can achieve success. This is for the simple reason that no one has ever tried it. The other one is to follow the money. Aiming to a super niche or building the tech so they will come, are some phrases that lead us to build startups. But if you aim for a niche you could be aiming for the wrong one. And if you do so, you will never know. In the other scenario, you will know where the niche is, once the customer tells you, with their money. On the other hand, if you build the tech, it’s possible that they will not come. This is simply because sometimes you can have the techto scale, but if you are not prepared for the business scale, things won’t work.

In other words, the writer of the note, Joe keeps on telling that success is not something that comes written on papers. And that many times, people follow the wrong path.

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