Top 10 Startup Failures of 2019

Adam Hassan wrote a list of startups’ failures of 2019. Incredibly these startups had massive fundings. Adam wrote the short and long reason why they failed.

Almost every time we hear about startups we link up the word automatically with success. Real story is that they fail almost every time. In fact, 90% of all tech-centric startups fail. This is according to Harvard business school. These businesses did not fail only for lack of fundings, they also had a bad time with management. Some of them lead the way so others could benefit with innovative ideas. Others just failed along the way. 

Among these startups were Anki Inc, DriverUp Corp., Oryx Vision, and many more. In conclusion, startups should have the ability to be flexible enough to learn and correct mistakes. Also to give a more versatile structure in order to survive. 

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