Building a Startup That Gets Valued in Millions Very Quickly

Getting your startup valued is not an easy task. At times, you might not be seeing the results you were looking for. Knowing which type of startup you are building can be a great advantage.

The idea is for you to know 2 kinds of startup models. The first one is the fast model, the one that gets valued in millions in record time. And the other is the slow one, that is meant to grow into billions. 

The contrast is that the first one hardly ever goes past a couple of millions. But the other, if it is one of the few, can achieve an enormous amount of money. 

The main difference, sometimes, is that the slow one, is aiming to change the way people live by submerging in an untapped market. And the fast one, is  just cleverly giving a twist to an existing market. So that the market leader can buy a portion of the stakes to control the growth.

David O, the writer, claims that the most important factor in both cases is the team. Teams are one of the things you should seek for. Nowadays, teams are becoming more important than the product itself.

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