The Simple 5 Phase Framework For Growing Your Startup

Planning the way to grow your startup might be stressful and painful. It shouldn’t be. At least understanding the phases of growing a successful startup, should not. It’s simple.

Many people overcomplicate it. Is not the fact of building a startup which is simple, it is the know-how. Following the 5 Phase Framework something you can follow.

For the beginning you should send a “message to the market”. Your focus should be centered on getting the product to the market. After that, you move to “marketing & sales engine”. Once someone paid for the product, you build a marketing and sales engine. The next step is to “create systems”. By this, we mean the step-by-step guides on how to complete the processes of the business. Next up, you should “build a team”. When you know what kind of people you need, according to the business, you know who you should get on board to get the job done. And last, but not least, “scale”. If your business reaches this phase, you are good to use the time to figure out how to reach the next level and truly scale.

The phases are extremely helpful when building a startup, according to the writer, Mark Pecota. Don’t over complicate the simple stuff, and get the results to kick in.

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