Corporate-startup collaboration checklist

Collaborations can be a massive improvement in any aspect of life. But what about corporate-startup collaborations? Here is some valuable information you should know.  To kick off, corporations do need this collaboration as much as startups, why? Simple, startups see this as an opportunity to take off and get a possible revenue. That might be…

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The One Objective to Establish a Winning Startup Culture: Get Better Everyday

The puzzle of coming up with a plan to build a strong startup culture it’s an issue that many can have. But we have one solution, a precise and concrete point of view called “Better Everyday” “Better Everyday” is a simple and consistent recommendation of performing day by day. Don’t rush, don’t hesitate, just resolve,…

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How Remote Work Could Destroy Silicon Valley

A must use word in your entrepreneur dictionary should be “serendipity”, the fortuite art (or in some cases not so fortuite) of finding or bumping into things that you are not looking for. By the time, we are all wondering where the pandemic situation will lead us speaking about working ways. Either remote work will…

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Startups Need Fewer Visionaries and More Mechanics

Everyone claims to be an expert, but can they really help you build your business? There are three types of people an entrepreneur needs to build a successful business: employees to build the company, advisers to influence the direction of the business, and investors to provide the fuel and connections. Within each of these three…

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