7 Early Warning Signs That Predict Your Startup Will Fail

Getting success at the entrepreneurial setup isn’t easy. It’s because the success ratio is far less than the number of those who fail. According to a study, 90% of startups fail in the first five years of the venture. Given the failure ratio, jumping into the entrepreneurial field isn’t everybody’s work. #1 Get out of your mental trap…

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36 Fundraising Tips For Series A

”Raising a Series A isn’t like raising your seed round. What probably took you a few weeks with minimal fuss is going to get a lot slower. Series A rounds can take months to close and involve a lot more due diligence. You’re probably wondering what metrics you need to guarantee a Series A.” Learn the…

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How to Explain Your Business (in Fewer Words)

”When you start with the problem, you ground your business in a real-world context. You present your business as purposeful, urgent, and user-centered. But something else happens when you tell someone about a problem. It triggers a ‘solution reflex’: when people identify with problems, they instinctively want solutions. Activating the solution reflex is a powerful…

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