Feeling Unproductive? This Brain Bias Could Be to Blame

Bikeshedding is a very sneaky tool your brain uses to keep you stuck, and it’s very common during times of uncertainty. Our brains love the status quo because the subconscious (which makes 95 percent of all decisions) bases its choices on rules of thumb for what has worked in the past.  This desire to keep things predictable means…

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How Great Founders Present Their Vision

“It’s pretty clear that a vision should describe an inspiring future product that will help a large number of people — and make lots of money in the process. However, after hearing many responses to the ‘vision’ question, I noticed that the visions of great founders have something else.” Get to the answer reading the…

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How A Free Service Made Its Founder A Billionaire — He Understood One Thing That The Industry Didn’t

“People don’t behave the way you wish them to behave. Human nature is human nature. If you want to create a successful product, you need to go with people’s psychology, not against it. Ek grasped that the changes that were happening in society were here to stay. You either go with the flow, and see where the…

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