10 Things You Should And Should Not Do For a Startup

Startup…Indeed, once again we want to encourage you to believe in your ideas. To help you out with things you should or you may have to avoid, we bring you a new note.  Launching your startup is a rollercoaster of emotions, up and downs, until you have one problem to face off with, investment. This…

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How to validate your startup idea quickly

Most new products are unable to get any traction in the market, even if the execution is good. This often comes as a big surprise to the founders. They are surprised because they’ve “vetted” their idea before building, typically by asking their friends and family, many of whom have enthusiastically said they’d use or pay…

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How to Build a Company That (Actually) Values Integrity

For decades, leaders were expected to focus on one thing: financial results. But we are now in the midst of an ethical revolution. Leaders are increasingly held accountable for poor behavior, and companies are pushed by employees, governments, and customers to step up and adopt a multi-stakeholder approach that serves social purposes as well as…

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Feeling Unproductive? This Brain Bias Could Be to Blame

Bikeshedding is a very sneaky tool your brain uses to keep you stuck, and it’s very common during times of uncertainty. Our brains love the status quo because the subconscious (which makes 95 percent of all decisions) bases its choices on rules of thumb for what has worked in the past. This desire to keep…

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