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Get to know about us

We aim to develop technology-based products that represent massive reach businesses and exponential growth in the international market.

A1500 arises as an initiative to channel our entrepreneurial spirit, creating from our own ideas, or promoting those third-parties that join us.

We propose a new way of pushing projects forward, allowing ourselves to question everything that we know in order to create something different.

How we work

Angel investment

We finance projects that start as ideas with business potential.
We support entrepreneurs in their project development process with our knowledge and experience.

Startup incubation

We develop the business of projects with potential that get to us and are based on technology solutions.

We partner with the idea creator and we offer our knowledge and our operative and financial capacity to the project so it becomes a profitable business and of massive market reach.

Own Businesses

We are driven by the interest in solving needs that we see as business opportunities in the market and push them forward as technology developments.

We take the lead, we pose a challenge and we convert it into real solutions.

We strengthen your project by offering access to financing, communication strategies and an extensive network

We make your triple impact business (economic, social and environmental) grow with the personalized guidance of our mentors.

We are ready to help you grow, to speed up this process,we have designed tools that will boost your competitive advantages.