8 Rules for Startup Success

We hear the word mission and vision of a company since we are young. They often emphasize in these terms and it’s not in vain. Almost 90% of the ones that forget about their mission, fail. The mission is what will keep you up at night. The North Star you follow. This will also help…

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How to Boost Your Company Culture — and Keep it Vibrant (4 tips)

Focusing on employees is something companies should be really caring about. Company culture is not only a buzzword. Is that “something” that boosts everyone, and keeps everyone kicking the same way. This is not something you can craft or simply do in the short-term. Company culture is a long-term path that will give you a…

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The One Objective to Establish a Winning Startup Culture: Get Better Everyday

The puzzle of coming up with a plan to build a strong startup culture it’s an issue that many can have. But we have one solution, a precise and concrete point of view called “Better Everyday” “Better Everyday” is a simple and consistent recommendation of performing day by day. Don’t rush, don’t hesitate, just resolve,…

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