Why Your Amazing Startup Idea Isn’t Taking Off

Some standards in the business world need more than just understanding and being aware of them. One of them is the fact that the idea is not even close to being as important as the execution. This little aspect right here can topple any idea. So, in order to stop stalling out any more, there…

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The First 8 Things You Must Conquer in a Startup

Startups are a whole world. The market keeps growing and there are tons of new projects emerging.  These businesses are some of the main places where investors will be putting their money. In order to achieve a great business model there are a lot of steps that you must focus on. Also there are some…

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How To Build Your Startup’s Founding Team

Many of the problems of startups have their beginning of the founding team. This is one of the most important decisions that every founder must face. The fact to choose your starting crew, must reunite all the conditions for strong bases. Ineffective teams will lead to failure, not fast, but it will bring failure. There…

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Feeling Unproductive? This Brain Bias Could Be to Blame

Bikeshedding is a very sneaky tool your brain uses to keep you stuck, and it’s very common during times of uncertainty. Our brains love the status quo because the subconscious (which makes 95 percent of all decisions) bases its choices on rules of thumb for what has worked in the past. This desire to keep…

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