“Powered by” – An Acquisition Channel Nobody is Talking About

“Powered by” marketing is a great way to impulse yourself above the competitors. This is because you must pay attention to your competition. They will also pay massive attention to you. This “powered by” marketing reinforces the fact that competitors copy each other. If business A is using a certain tool, and B is their…

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Adrienne Tan’s 10 Tips for Product Managers

Organizations give an interesting look on Product Managers. This role inside a company is an enormous resource. Basically, is a professional role in which the person in charge will be responsible for the development of products. In this role you own the business strategy behind the product and specify its functional requirements. Adrienne Tan has…

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The SWOT is Dead.

For a long time, and even today, SWOT is something that is given to learn. The frame of the SWOT which indicates Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, might not be something needed today. During a long period of time, SWOT was required and applied by many companies. Even gigants use it today. This technique created…

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