Top 10 Startup Failures of 2019

Adam Hassan wrote a list of startups’ failures of 2019. Incredibly these startups had massive fundings. Adam wrote the short and long reason why they failed. Almost every time we hear about startups we link up the word automatically with success. Real story is that they fail almost every time. In fact, 90% of all…

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Camels, Not Unicorns, Are The New Darlings of Silicon Valley

For those who don’t know, in business, camel and unicorn, are both words describing companies. A camel has evolved for consistency and reliability, even in harsh conditions. While a unicorn, as you can imagine, is used to indicate any privately held company worth more than a billion dollars. Because of how rare it is to…

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A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most advanced charts in human history. Drawing the attention of dozens of investors with huge capital is one of the main reasons why it is growing so fast. The future is now.  AI is not joy for everyone and is by far a concern for many. As Stephen Hawking…

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